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Is your trusty Whirlpool top load washer acting up, making unsettling noises, or not spinning as it should? If so, it may be time to replace drive block in whirlpool top load washer, identified by part number 389140. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert in appliance repair to tackle this task. In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the process into easy-to-follow steps to help you get your washer back in perfect working order.

Understanding the Drive Block

Before diving into the replacement process, it’s essential to grasp the role of the drive block and why it’s crucial for your washer’s functionality.

The drive block serves as a vital link between the inner tub, transmission, and agitator shaft. It facilitates the washer’s spinning and agitating functions, ensuring your laundry gets the thorough cleaning it deserves. Over time, due to regular use, the drive block can wear down or become damaged, leading to noticeable performance issues.

How to Replace Drive Block in Whirlpool Top Load Washer 389140

To replace the drive block, you’ll need a few tools, the replacement part (part number 389140), and a little patience. You can easily find the replacement part at your local appliance store or order it online. Once you have everything ready, let’s begin:

Step 1: Prioritize Safety

Safety should always come first when working with appliances. Start by unplugging your washer from the power source and turning off the water supply. Ensure you have a well-lit and clean workspace, free from potential hazards.

Step 2: Accessing the Drive Block

To access the drive block, you’ll need to remove the washer’s cabinet. This typically involves removing screws and carefully lifting the cabinet off. The process may vary depending on your washer’s model, so consult your user manual for specific instructions.

Step 3: Removing the Agitator

With access to the drive block, you’ll need to remove the agitator. This may require some effort, so be prepared to apply a bit of force. Consult your user manual for guidance on removing the agitator safely.

Step 4: Replacing the Drive Block

Once the agitator is out of the way, you’ll have clear access to the drive block. Carefully remove any bolts or fasteners securing it in place. Replace the old drive block with the new one (part number 389140), ensuring a snug fit.

Step 5: Reassembly

Now, it’s time to put your washer back together. Reassemble the washer in reverse order, making sure all parts are securely attached. Double-check all connections and fasteners for accuracy.

Step 6: Testing

Before plugging your washer back in, give it a manual spin to ensure the drive block is functioning correctly. Once you’re satisfied with the installation, plug the washer in, turn on the water supply, and run a test cycle to confirm that everything is in working order.

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Real-Life Example of Replacing the Drive Block in Whirlpool Top Load Washer 389140

Let’s take a moment to share a real-life success story. Jane, a busy homeowner, noticed that her Whirlpool washer wasn’t agitating as it used to, leaving her clothes less clean. With this step-by-step guide, she successfully replaced the drive block herself. Jane’s washer now works like a charm, and she saved both time and money on expensive repair services.

  • Regular Maintenance: Consider inspecting your washer’s drive block and other components periodically to catch any issues early.
  • Seek Professional Help if Needed: If you’re uncomfortable with any part of this process or encounter unexpected difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact a professional appliance repair service.


Replacing the drive block in your Whirlpool top load washer (part number 389140) is a manageable DIY task that can save you time and money. By following these steps and tips, you can ensure your washer continues to provide top-notch performance, leaving your clothes clean and fresh.

Safety should always be a priority, so take your time and proceed with confidence. Now, armed with this guide, you’re ready to tackle this repair and enjoy the benefits of a smoothly operating washer once again.

So, roll up your sleeves, gather your tools, and let’s get started on giving your Whirlpool top load washer the care it deserves!

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