Your washing machine works tirelessly to clean your clothes, but it also needs some TLC to stay in top shape. Over time, dirt and odor-causing residues can build up inside your washer, leading to a musty smell and potentially affecting the cleanliness of your laundry. One effective solution to this problem is to how to use Affresh washing machine cleaner tablets. In this guide, we’ll explore why your washing machine can develop a mildew smell and how to use Affresh to keep it clean.

Why Does Washing Machine Smell?

Many people are unaware of what lurks inside their washing machines. Affresh was specifically designed to eliminate dirt and odor-causing residues that accumulate over time. These residues can hide behind the gasket on front loaders, inside the drum, beneath and around lids or doors, inside dispensers, and in other hidden areas. If not addressed, this buildup can lead to the smell of mildew or mold, which can transfer to your clean clothes.

How Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner Works

Affresh washing machine cleaner tablets are formulated to target and remove these residues effectively. They are tested against various substances like soap scum, dirt, grease, lint, water minerals, and fabric softener soils. Affresh tablets are designed for all washing machines, including high-efficiency (HE) models, and they use time-released technology to gradually dissolve and clean during the wash cycle.

4 Easy Steps How to Use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner

Using Affresh is simple and efficient. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Prepare Your Washer and Add Affresh

  • Remove all clothing and items from the washing machine.
  • Unwrap one Affresh tablet and place it directly in the washing drum, not in the dispenser.

2. Start Your Washer

  • Select a Clean Washer cycle if your washer has one. If not, choose a Normal or Heavy cycle with hot water.
  • Consult your washer’s Use and Care guide for the appropriate cycle selection.
  • Start the washer.

3. Wipe Away Residues

  • After the cycle is complete, check for any remaining residues. Affresh tablets are time-released, so some may remain in the tub’s bottom.
  • Use a clean, damp cloth or Affresh machine cleaning wipes to wipe away any leftover residue.

4. Repeat as Needed

  • If your washing machine hasn’t been cleaned in over six months, or if there’s excessive residue or a persistent odor, consider repeating the process for up to three consecutive cleaning cycles.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Washer?

To maintain a fresh and clean washing machine, use Affresh washing machine cleaner at least once a month or every 30 wash cycles. Consistent cleaning prevents residues from building up and ensures optimal washing performance.

Additional Tips to Prevent Odors:

  1. Leave the washer door or lid open between loads to allow the drum to air out and dry thoroughly.
  2. Clean the rubber gasket on front loaders after every use with Affresh machine cleaning wipes.
  3. Clean detergent dispensers weekly with Affresh wipes.
  4. Set a monthly reminder to use Affresh to keep your machine in top condition.


Keeping your washing machine clean and odor-free is essential for maintaining its performance and ensuring your laundry comes out fresh and clean. Affresh washing machine cleaner offers a simple and effective solution to remove residues and maintain a fresh-smelling washer. Regular use of Affresh will keep your washing machine in top condition for years to come.

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