Your laundry day dreams of fluffy towels and pristine shirts suddenly hit a wall when your trusty Whirlpool washer throws a cryptic error code at you. Before you throw in the towel (metaphorically, of course!), take a deep breath and grab this battle plan. We’re decoding 8 common Whirlpool washer error codes, equipping you with DIY solutions and troubleshooting tips to turn laundry-day blues into sparkling victories.

No more appliance hieroglyphics will leave you clothes-less and confused! So, dust off your laundry basket, embrace your inner fixer-upper, and get ready to conquer those error codes like a true laundry warrior!

8 common Whirlpool washer error codes


This code suggests your washer is struggling to, well, drain. The culprit could be a clogged drain hose, a faulty pump, or even a kink in the hose itself. Before calling in the cavalry, try these DIY fixes:

  • Clear the drain hose: Disconnect the hose from the back of the washer and check for blockages. If you find any, remove them gently with a pair of pliers or a straightened coat hanger.
  • Clean the drain filter: Most Whirlpool washers have a drain filter accessible at the front of the machine. Locate it, unscrew it, and remove any debris you find.
  • Check for kinks: Ensure the drain hose isn’t twisted or bent, as this can impede water flow.

F06/F6: Door Lock Blues

This code signals a problem with the washer’s door lock. Don’t force the door open! Instead, try these steps:

  • Make sure the door is securely closed: Sometimes, a slightly ajar door can trigger the error code. Give it a gentle push to ensure it’s fully latched.
  • Check for obstructions: Objects caught in the door seal can prevent it from locking properly. Remove any items and try again.
  • Reset the power: Unplug the washer for a minute, then plug it back in and restart the cycle.

F01/Motor Mayhem:

This code shows an issue with the washer’s motor. This is a more complex problem, so it’s best to consult a qualified appliance technician if you encounter this error.

F03/Temperature Tantrum:

This code suggests a problem with the water temperature sensor. Again, consulting a technician is recommended for this one.

Suds City! Excessive Suds Error:

If you see this code, your washer is drowning in a sea of suds. Likely culprits include using too much detergent or the wrong type for your machine. To remedy the situation:

  • Let the suds settle: Unplug the washer and wait for the suds to subside.
  • Run a drain and spin cycle: This will help remove excess suds from the machine.
  • Use the correct detergent: Always use HE (high efficiency) detergent in your Whirlpool washer, and stick to the recommended amount.

Unbalanced Load Blues (Error Codes Vary):

This code indicates the washer has detected an unbalanced load. Simply redistribute the clothes in the drum and restart the cycle.

Power Play: Power Failure Error Codes:

If your washer loses power mid-cycle, you may see a variety of error codes depending on the model. Usually, a simple restart is all it takes to get things back on track.

Error Code F21: Long Drain Time

  • Possible Causes: Slow drain pump, clogged drain hose, blockage in the drain system.
  • Troubleshooting Tips:
    • Check for kinks or blockages in the drain hose.
    • Clean the drain filter.
    • Inspect the drain pump for debris or malfunction.

Error Code F22 and Error Code F5 E3: Water Inlet Issues

  • Possible Causes: Insufficient water supply, water inlet valve problems, water pressure issues.
  • Troubleshooting Tips:
    • Check that the water supply is turned on and there are no kinks in the hoses.
    • Inspect the water inlet valve for proper function.
    • Ensure adequate water pressure in your home.

Error Code F20: Water Leakage

  • Possible Causes: Leaks in the drain hose, pump, or other internal components.
  • Troubleshooting Tips:
    • Thoroughly inspect the washer for any visible leaks.
    • Check the drain hose and pump for signs of damage or loose connections.
    • Consult a technician for internal leak diagnosis and repair.

F03 E01 Error Code: Water Heating Failure

  • Possible Causes: Faulty water heater, temperature sensor failure, heating element issues.
  • Troubleshooting Tips:
    • Check the water heater for proper function.
    • Test the temperature sensor using a multimeter.
    • Inspect the heating element for damage or wear.

Error Code 5d, Sd, or Sud: Excessive Suds

  • Possible Causes: Overuse of detergent, incorrect detergent type.
  • Troubleshooting Tips:
    • Reduce the amount of detergent used.
    • Switch to a high-efficiency (HE) detergent specifically designed for front-load washers.
    • Run an extra rinse cycle to remove excess suds.

Error Code E1 F9: Door Lock Failure

  • Possible Causes: Faulty door lock mechanism, electrical issues.
  • Troubleshooting Tips:
    • Check for obstructions in the door seal.
    • Inspect the door lock mechanism for damage or wear.
    • Test electrical connections related to the door lock.

Error Code F28: Motor Controller Fault

  • Probable Causes: Issues with the motor controller board, motor communication errors.
  • Troubleshooting Tips:
    • This is a complex issue requiring professional diagnosis and repair.

Error Code F70: User Interface Fault

  • Possible Causes: Faulty control panel, communication errors.
  • Troubleshooting Tips:
    • Reset the washer by unplugging it for a few minutes.
    • If the error persists, consult a technician for further evaluation.

Remember, always prioritize safety and consult a qualified appliance technician for complex repairs or persistent error codes. With a little knowledge and troubleshooting, you can often resolve common Whirlpool washer errors and keep your laundry routine running smoothly.

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10 Frequently Asked Questions about Whirlpool Washer Error Codes

My Whirlpool washer won’t start and shows error code F21. What’s wrong?

This code indicates a long drain time. Possible causes include a clogged drain hose, slow drain pump, or blockage in the drain system. Try checking for kinks or blockages in the hose, cleaning the drain filter, and inspecting the pump for debris. If the problem persists, consult a technician.

I see error codes F22 and F5 E3 on my Whirlpool washer. What does it mean?

These codes suggest issues with water inlet. Check that the water supply is turned on and there are no kinks in the hoses. You can also test the water inlet valve and ensure adequate water pressure in your home. If the problem persists, a technician can further diagnose the water inlet system.

3. My Whirlpool washer is leaking! What should I do?

If you see the F20 error code or notice visible leaks, thoroughly inspect the washer for any leaks, particularly around the drain hose and pump. Be sure all connections are tight and check for damaged components. If you can’t find the source of the leak, consult a technician for professional repair.

I get the F03 E01 error code. Is my Whirlpool washer’s heating element broken?

This code indicates a water heating failure. Possible culprits include a faulty water heater, temperature sensor issues, or a problem with the heating element itself. While you can check the water heater and test the temperature sensor, diagnosing and repairing the heating element requires a technician’s expertise.

My Whirlpool washer is overflowing with suds! What happened?

The “5d,” “Sd,” or “Sud” error code signifies excessive suds. This is likely due to using too much detergent or the wrong type (not HE-compatible). Reduce the amount of detergent you use and switch to a high-efficiency detergent designed for your machine. Additionally, run an extra rinse cycle to remove excess suds.

The door of my Whirlpool washer won’t lock, and I see the E1 F9 error code. How do I fix it?

This code indicates a door lock failure. Check for obstructions in the door seal and inspect the lock mechanism for damage or wear. You can also test the electrical connections related to the door lock. If the issue persists, a technician can diagnose and repair the faulty component.

My Whirlpool washer shows the F28 error code. Is the motor broken?

This code points to a motor controller fault, which is a complex issue requiring professional diagnosis and repair. It’s best not to attempt troubleshooting this yourself and contact a qualified technician to get your washer back in working order.

The control panel on my Whirlpool washer isn’t working, and I see the F70 error code. What’s wrong?

This code indicates a user interface fault. Try resetting the washer by unplugging it for a few minutes. If the error persists, the control panel or communication system might be malfunctioning, and you’ll need a technician’s expertise to diagnose and repair the issue.

I tried troubleshooting my Whirlpool washer, but the error code won’t go away. What should I do next?

If you’ve attempted the recommended troubleshooting steps for your specific error code and the problem persists, it’s best to consult a qualified appliance technician. They have the tools and expertise to accurately diagnose and repair complex issues with your Whirlpool washer.

Where can I find more information about my Whirlpool washer and its error codes?

Your Whirlpool washer’s user manual is a valuable resource. It provides specific troubleshooting steps and error code explanations for your model. You can also find helpful information and support on the Whirlpool website or by contacting their customer service department.